Are you a smart buyer?!

Just as the title says, I always wondered am I smart? I was always careless about when and how to get things done, things that I will need to do or buy, always leaving everything to the last moment, this kind of attitude isn't right and I always got scolded by my parents and elders when I was a kid, that I shouldn't be like that, yet somehow I was always able to get things done just fine, (like studying at last day just before exam and just like everything else I pass it) or (when I needed to buy something as present for my partner birthday but I leave it right to the last day).

So I always guessed I don't need to give much attention or plan for such stuff, I am smart, I will be able to do things just fine. However growing up and going into much troubles I realized how wrong I was. did I pass by? yes!, was I successful? NO!.

I realized while i was able to pass exams, I could have made a perfect score instead! by studying well with sufficient time, I realized I could have planned for that amazing trip as a birthday gift instead of that typical mobile phone.

And same with everything I purchased instead of going to the market right away to buy this piece of clothe for my kid or myself for ($$) I could have bought it on sale season for just ($)!, same for so many things I bought through years & years could have saved me thousands of dollars!.

So to be smart & successful you need to always plan ahead of time so you can have things at best! instead of buying and spending a lot of money, you can buy from cheap online stores which will deliver your goods weeks later ahead of time and get your item to use it when you need it. it is the same item that you will buy from near by market but for cheaper price! so always be smart! and buy your things that you will need in future a head of time for cheaper prices and don't wait for later. (I will do it later & I will buy it later) don't do this it is just wasting money and opportunities.


do you agree with me? are you a smart buyer?.


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